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Starlight Society is about discovering new music from all throughout time and all across the world. We want to introduce you to sounds and bands you haven't been exposed to. The goal is break down borders and let the power of music unite us all.
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Touring the world one pair of headphones at a time...

Jan 31, 2020

So end of the month and that means the show is either too short or too long... this one's too short... It runs about an hour forty rather than the full two hours, but wanted to give you a show to enjoy none the less while our late-stage empire collapses here in the US...



  • "The Future Freaks Me Out" - Motion City Soundtrack
  • "Dizz Knee Land" - dada
  • "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Live)" - Pink Floyd
  • "Is It In You?" - The Charlatans
  • "Future Days" - Pearl Jam
  • "Haul Away" - The Kingston Trio
  • "Half A Million Angels" - Colin Hay
  • "Rasputin" - Boiled In Lead
  • "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" - Duke Ellington
  • "Epitath" - King Crimson
  • "All The Way (Stay)" - Jimmy Eat World
  • "My Name Is Mud" - Primus
  • "Squat! (ft. Mike D & Ad Rock)" - De La Soul
  • "Drunk With Power" - Puscifer
  • "Holding The Moth" - Underworld
  • "In Yer Face (Facially Yours Remix)" - 808 State
  • "Fortune Days" - The Glitch Mob
  • "The Test (ft. Richard Ashcroft)" - The Chemical Brothers
  • your moment of Fury
    • "Breaking New Ground" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Jan 24, 2020

Wasn't feeling it yesterday. Felt it today. Made a show. Here ya go.



  • "Still Disappointed" - Stormzy
  • "When My Train Pulls In" - Gary Clark Jr.
  • "The Pretender" - Jackson Browne
  • "Seasons In The Abyss" - Rodrigo y Gabriela
  • "Deacon Blues" - Steely Dan
  • "58" - Kevin Milner
  • "Give The People What They Want" - The Kinks
  • "Drinking Peru" - Maritime
  • "Wish I Could Forget You" - Silverstein
  • "Mick" - Dinosaur Jr.
  • "SBY (Sosial Betawi Yoi)" - Slank
  • "Monkey Business" - Skid Row
  • "Bells" - Monty Python (RIP Terry Jones)
  • "Crying All The Time" - The Black Watch
  • "Down In A Second" - Phantom Planet
  • "Gone" - M83
  • "Queen's English" - The Mutton Birds
  • "The Delicate Balance Of All Things (ft. Wayne Hussey)" - Beauty In Chaos
  • "Smiling" - Kitchesn Of Distinction
  • "Set The Record Straight" - Reef
  • "Let Love Be The Healer" - The Music
  • "Sensation Boulevard" - T. Rex
  • "Polka Dot Rose" - Oysterhead
  • "Somewhere" - Wild Cub
  • "Harvest For The World" - The Isley Brothers
  • "Knights In Shining Karma" - XTC
  • your moment of Fury
    • "Friendly Fire (live)" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Jan 17, 2020

I hadn't really anticipated doing a scene show this month, but it turns out we lost one of the greatest drummers of all time, Neil Peart of Rush, a little over a week ago.

If you aren't familiar with the powerhouse that was Neil Peart, I spend over 3 hours giving you a tour-de-force of the tour-de-force they called The Professor.

In addition to being Rush's drummer, he was also their lyricist, writing so many incredible songs filled with sci-fi and fantasy imagery. 

For 40 years, Neil Peart delighted and amazed audiences. If you aren't familiar with the band I describe as "the third most proggy band ever," or even if you're a die hard Rush fan slappin' da bass, hopefully you'll enjoy this overview of their career, and know how much we all miss Neil Peart.


Setlist (all songs by Rush):

  • "Fly By Night"
  • "Anthem"
  • "Bastille Day"
  • "A Passage To Bangkok"
  • "Xanadu"
  • "Closer To The Heart"
  • "La Villa Strangiato"
  • "The Spirit Of Radio"
  • "Tom Sawyer"
  • "Limelight"
  • "YYZ (Live)"
  • "New World Man"
  • "Subdivisions"
  • "Red Sector A"
  • "Manhattan Project"
  • "Force Ten"
  • "Presto"
  • "Hand Over Fist"
  • "Roll The Bones"
  • "The Big Wheel"
  • "Nobody's Hero"
  • "Stick It Out"
  • "Test For Echo"
  • "Limbo"
  • "Ghost Rider"
  • "Secret Touch"
  • "Armor & Sword"
  • "Workin' Them Angels"
  • "Far Cry (live)"
  • "Caravan"
  • "Clockwork Angels"
Jan 10, 2020

It's 2020. We made it into a new decade. Let's all hope it won't be our last. Anyway, this should rattle a few brains. It's an all over the map show with lots of variety to make you go "Whaaaaa?" And we pay tribute to the late Neil Innes, who made music that both made us laugh and knocked our socks off.



  • "Benson Burner" - Satchel Grande
  • "Darts Of Pleasure" - Franz Ferdinand
  • "Cities" - Talking Heads
  • "Driving Nowhere" - Paul Weller
  • "My Sharona" - The Knack
  • "Curse Me Good" - The Heavy
  • "More Life In A Tramps Vest" - Stereophonics
  • "Hard World" - Murder By Death
  • "Farthest Away" - Hank Williams III
  • "Wiley Flow" - Stormzy
  • "Rette mich wer kann" - Wingenfelder
  • "When Somebody Turns You On" - Heather Nova
  • "My True Name" - Bloc Party
  • "You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart" - Eurythmics
  • "Girl (ft. Seawaves)" - Timecop1983
  • "Two Outta Three" - 2NU
  • "Fat Old Sun" - Pink Floyd
  • "Road To Madrid" - Seam
  • "Arcadia" - 2814
  • "Chocolate" - The 1975
  • "Money (That's What I Want)" - The Backbeat Band
  • "Running On Empty" - Jackson Browne
  • "Face To Face" - Yes
  • "My Biggest Thrill" - The Mighty Lemon Drops
  • "Into The Grey" - Donots
  • "Knights of the Round Table" - Monty Python
  • "Get Up And Go" - The Rutles
  • "I'm The Urban Spaceman" - The Bonzo Dog Band
  • "Cheese And Onions" - The Rutles
  • your moment of Fury
    • "Dancing In The Sunshine Of The Dark (Indiana Krause Und Der Mix Des Todes-Mix)" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse