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Touring the world one pair of headphones at a time...

Jan 31, 2017

An episode mostly of protest music, to put you in the right mindset to be fighting daily, and to keep your spirits up, so you know people have your back. It's hardest to be the first person to stand, and it's just as hard to take your first stand, but it's important that everybody get out and protest right now, so we don't take this lying down.


There's classic rock, stuff from two of the countries that Trump hates (Syria/Mexico), some stuff from countries that are worried about us (UK/Germany/Japan) some stuff to get you angry, some stuff to help you ease off enough to get your second wind, and then a bit more to get you angry again. This is one of the times that I have to say that Roger Daltrey is wrong - the new boss is not the same as the old boss. Trump's gotta be removed from office as soon as possible, before that's no longer an option... He's currently making Nixon look like a 3rd grade class president with delusions of grandeur. Keep at it, folks.


Yeah, I took a little time off. Head wasn't in the right space, body was failing a bit, bunch of other things went sideways, but I didn't quit on you. Don't quit on me. We're worth it, all of us. (And feel free to spread the show around - I know, I know, self-promotion is a shitty thing to have to do when we're in the middle of a revolution, but we all gotta do it anyway...)



  • "World Leader Pretend" - R.E.M.
  • "Hikari No Machi" - Dragon Ash
  • "We're Not Gonna Take It" - Twisted Sister
  • "Concept of Freedom" - Will Varley
  • "The Sand In The Gears (live)" - Frank Turner
  • "This Is Not America" - David Bowie & The Pat Methany Group
  • "Paint It Black" - The Rolling Stones
  • "Take The Power Back" - Rage Against The Machine
  • "Fighting My Way Back" - Thin Lizzy
  • "Heei Yaa Alahobalin Hoobalowa" - Waaberi
  • "When Life Gives You Lemons PUNCH LIFE IN THE FUCKING FACE" - Akira The Don
  • "Know Your Rights" - The Clash
  • "Revolution" - Wingenfelder:Wingenfelder
  • "Appalachian Springs" - The Verve
  • "11:11" - Rodrigo y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.
  • "Won't Get Fooled Again" - The Who


Jan 23, 2017




  • "Dark Days (Main Theme)" - DJ Shadow
  • "A Deafening Distance" - God Is An Astronaut
  • "Cody" - Mogwai
  • "Quiet" - This Will Destroy You
  • "Losing You To You" - Hammock
  • "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters" - Moby
  • "Our Sisters" - Signal Hill
  • "Our Hearts Are Read" - The American Dollar
  • "Small Steps" - Saxon Shore
  • "Everything Wrong Is Right Again" - The Six Parts Seven
  • "Your Hand In Mine" - Explosions In The Sky


Jan 20, 2017

It's a hard time right now. One of the most despicable people just became the President of the United States, and he's trying to take the country back to the 1800's. We aren't going to stand for it, but it's also important we stand together, and that we remember who and what we're fighting for. It's okay to stumble, it's okay to sit and take a breather, it's okay to lean on someone else for help now and again, but we aren't going to back down, and this show's all about togetherness and trying to stay positive in the face of adversity.


I know I said I wasn't going to do a Friday show, but I can change my mind, too, and I keep coming back to this Frank Turner lyric...


"So try and get better and don't ever accept less..."



  • "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor
  • "Tomorrow" - James
  • "On the Edge of a Cliff" - The Streets
  • "Leon On Me" - Bill Withers
  • "Stand Up And Be Strong" - Soul Asylum
  • "Gimme Shelter" - The Rolling Stones
  • "Don't Give In" - Third Eye Blind
  • "Protection" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "With A Little Help From My Friends" - Joe Cocker
  • "Get Better" - Frank Turner
  • "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" - U2
  • "Stand By Me" - Ben E. King
  • "We Take Care Of Our Own" - Bruce Springsteen
  • "Don't You (Forget About Me)" - Simple Minds
Jan 18, 2017

Double long show again, because I wanted to do an extra long work out show of stuff I use to motivate myself into going to the horrible gym in an effort to try and get back into shape, a shape other than the one I'm currently in. I hate the gym. Everybody hates the gym, but fuck it, if you want to eat rich, you need to do the work to be able to afford it. And while I'm scaling back what and how I eat, I'm not giving up all the things I like. Fuck that.

Also, no show over the weekend. And still need ideas for the next scene show.



  • "Born Slippy (Nuxx)" - Underworld
  • "Everything" - VNV Nation
  • "Ready, Steady, Go" - Oakenfold
  • "Nobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)" - DJ Shadow
  • "Mind Killer" - Adam Freeland
  • "Stronger" - Kanye West
  • "Let Forever Be" - The Chemical Brothers
  • "Faint" - Linkin Park
  • "Stop The Rock" - Apollo 400
  • "Our Demons (ft. Aja Volkman)" - The Glitch Mob
  • "Discipline" - Nine Inch Nails
  • "Aerodynamic" - Daft Punk
  • "Good Luck (ft. Lisa Kekaula)" - Basement Jaxx
  • "Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)" - BT
  • "Keep Hope Alive" - The Crystal Method
  • "Hysteria" - Muse
  • "Chinese Burn" - Curve
  • "Dive For You" - Boom Boom Satellites
  • "Come With Me Now" - KONGOS
  • "Ya Mama" - Fatboy Slim
  • "Spybreak!" - Propellerheads
  • "Spygame" - Parov Stelar
  • "All Sewn Up" - David Holmes
  • "A Midwestern Night's Dream" - Ian O'Brien
Jan 10, 2017

It's a double-sized show 100, chuck full of all the stuff I love to listen to, from today all the way back to the 60s. There won't be a show this weekend, but hopefully the larger show makes up for it.



  • "Hundred Mile High City" - Ocean Colour Scene
  • "Sodajerk" - Buffalo Tom
  • "We Looked Like Giants" - Death Cab For Cutie
  • "Polaroid Picture" - Frank Turner
  • "Congratulations" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "Mountains" - Biffy Clyro
  • "The Hollow" - A Perfect Circle
  • "I'm A Soldier" - The Afghan Whigs
  • "Some Days Are Better Than Others" - U2
  • "Heroes" - David Bowie
  • "Navigating By The Stars At Night" - Mike Doughty
  • "Tomorrow Never Knows" - The Beatles
  • "Love Is Hell" - Ryan Adams
  • "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure
  • "Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)" - Pixies
  • "朝凪Revival" - Dragon Ash
  • "Strangers" - Tomoyasu Hotei
  • "Manic Depression" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • "I Still Remember" - Bloc Party
  • "Fall On Tears" - Love Spit Love
  • "Love Steals Us From Loneliness" - Idlewild
  • "Elephant Stone" - The Stone Roses
  • "Faster" - Third Eye Blind
  • "Starry Eyes" - Too Much Joy
  • "Timberwolves At New Jersey" - Taking Back Sunday
  • "Don't Hate Me" - The Get Up Kids
  • "Here It Comes" - Emeli Sandé & Rick Smith
Jan 6, 2017

It's chilly in San Jose right now, far colder than I like a California winter to be. Hopefully you have someone to hold close right now and keep you warm. If not, the music'll have to do. Hang in there. I'm trying to.



  • "Where The Streets Have No Name" - U2
  • "A Life Less Ordinary" - Ash
  • "A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)" - Motion City Soundtrack
  • "Divorce Song" - Liz Phair
  • "Song Of Love And Hope" - Driftland
  • "Mayonaise" - Smashing Pumpkins
  • "Exile Vilify" - The National
  • "A Letter To Elise (Unplugged)" - The Cure
  • "Yesterday" - The Beatles
  • "F.E.A.R." - Ian Brown
  • "Hold On Me" - SPC ECO
  • "Faith" - George Michael
  • "When I Grow Up" - Garbage
  • "Fall Down (Unplugged)" - Toad The Wet Sprocket
Jan 3, 2017

Mostly just some music for you to listen to.



  • "Blue Train" - John Coltrane
  • "Mr. Writer" - Stereophonics
  • "Ocean" - Velvet Underground
  • "Still Fighting It" - Ben Folds
  • "The Queen Of Lower Chelsea" - The Gaslight Anthem
  • "Deep Inside Of You" - Third Eye Blind
  • "Wrong Alley Street, Pt. 1" - Chris Joss
  • "Bird's Lament" - Moondog
  • "Supermoon" - Satchel Grande
  • "Fortunate Friends" - Into It. Over It.
  • "Last Goodbye" - Jeff Buckley
  • "Get Miles" - Gomez


Jan 1, 2017

Well, this is it folks, the last mix of 2016. The year is finally drawing to a close, and while there were a ton of horrible things that happened, there were a few rays of personal sunshine that I'm going to hold onto dearly into 2017 and hope that I can make it through another go around of the sun.


If you're one of those people who enjoys when I make weird left turns in the show, and delights in being surprised, don't read the setlist until you've listened to this episode once...


Sorry about no show earlier in the week, but the Year End Concert Review had gotten lost in the holidays, so I wanted to let it have more time for people to listen to it. Hopefully this extra long show makes up for it, and hopefully you people are actually listening to these things. Some days I feel very much like the lone person standing on the edge of the world, shouting into the abyss.


But I hope we'll get through things together.



  • "A Long December" - Counting Crows
  • "It's A Motherfucker" - Eels
  • "Misery" - Soul Asylum
  • "You With Me" - Jimmy Eat World
  • "With Or Without You" - U2
  • "Crying Blue Rain" - Jimi Hendrix
  • "Arashigaoka" - Tomoyasu Hotei
  • "Alone" - Dinosaur Jr.
  • "Soul Meets Body" - Death Cab For Cutie
  • "Sometimes Always (ft. Hope Sandoval)" - The Jesus & Mary Chain
  • "Words You Said... I'll Never Forget You Now" - Hammock
  • "Move" - Miles Davis
  • "Flash And Shadow" - Wanderlust
  • "Hot Thursday" - Bei Bei & Shawn Lee
  • "You" - Candlebox
  • "When You Were Young" - The Killers
  • "Wild, Wild West" - The Escape Club
  • "stir" - Dragon Ash
  • "Hot Traveler" - Failure
  • "Never Tear Us Apart" - INXS
  • "Crazy For You" - Adele
  • "Many Of Horror (When We Collide)" - Biffy Clyro
  • "Don't I Hold You" - Wheat
  • "Goodbyes" - JamisonParker
  • "Livin' On The Edge" - Aerosmith
  • "Highway To Hell" - AC/DC
  • "Together We'll Ring In The New Year" - Motion City Soundtrack
  • "In Love With A Clown" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "The Astronaut (New Album Mix)" - Something Corporate
  • "Together (ft. Lemon Jelly)" - William Shatner
  • "With A Little Help From My Friends" - The Beatles
  • "Colors Pt. I & II" - Halsey
  • "It's Just A Ride" - Bill Hicks