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Touring the world one pair of headphones at a time...

Nov 29, 2016

As per tradition, November's scene show is always nothing but covers. I have a long standing love affair with the cover song. A great cover version can add to a song, even take mental ownership of a song from the person who wrote it. So here's a couple of hours and change of fantastic cover songs, and some yahoo talking in the middle of them...



  • "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" - Camper Van Beethoven
  • "When I'm Dead And Gone" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "All Along The Watchtower" - Jimi Hendrix
  • "Borderline" - Counting Crows
  • "She Don't Use Jelly" - Ben Folds Five
  • "Take On Me" - Reel Big Fish
  • "Tubthumping (feat. The Onion AV Club Choir)" - They Might Be Giants
  • "Paper Planes" - Street Sweeper Social Club
  • "Close To Me" - The Get Up Kids
  • "In Between Days" - Ben Folds
  • "A Letter To Elise" - Sense Field
  • "Let My Love Open The Door" - Luminate
  • "Wish You Were Here" - Catherine Wheel
  • "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" - David Byrne
  • "All Mixed Up" - Red House Painters
  • "Shake It Off" - Ryan Adams
  • "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Wonderlick
  • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - The Bad Plus
  • "Thank You" - Tori Amos
  • "Missing You" - Tyler Hilton
  • "Call Me Maybe" - Enter Shikari
  • "...Baby One More Time" - Fountains Of Wayne
  • "Battlefield" - Fightstar
  • "Thunderstruck" - Steve'n'Seagulls
  • "King Tut" - Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers
  • "Cat's In The Cradle" - Ugly Kid Joe
  • "The Boys Of Summer" - The Ataris
  • "Sweet Child O'Mine" - Luna
  • "Real Love" - The Twilight Singers
  • "East Bound And Down" - Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
  • "Whole Lotta Love" - Hollywood Vampires
  • "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - Jamison Parker
Nov 26, 2016

So it's Saturday morning in the US, which means technically my birthday's almost over, since I was born in Indonesia, and they're +15 hours from where I am now. But I've never chosen to celebrate it like that. Instead, this will probably hit the airwaves when I'm asleep.

I'm writing all of this four days earlier, but today I turn 40. That means the 30s are over, well, my 30s anyway. Did I do enough with them? Have I started to leave a mark on the world that will outlast me? Did I bring enough positive energy into the world? Was I too afraid, too headstrong, too impatient, too argumentative, too something?

Dunno. Got four days left in my 30s. We'll see what becomes of them. And then we'll see what happens when I get into my 40s. Will the entertainer have an audience, or merely an empty room?

Look at me, getting all melancholy and shit. Anyway. This is a bunch of music I wanted to listen to, so I built this mix for me, to get me through my 40th birthday.  Maybe it'll be awesome. I'd like to hope so. Regardless, it'll be a ride. You're welcome to come along as well.



  • "Motorcycle Drive By" - Third Eye Blind
  • "Drowning..." - Boiled In Lead
  • "Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well" - Mike Doughty
  • "I've Been Waiting" - Matthew Sweet
  • "Bubbles" - Biffy Clyro
  • "Teenage Wristband" - The Twilight Singers
  • "May This Be Love" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • "Halo" - The Cure
  • "Oh My God, Whatever, Etc." - Ryan Adams
  • "If I Am" - My Bloody Valentine
  • "...Long Time Ago" - Concrete Blonde
  • "[Untitled]" - Smashing Pumpkins
  • "Change Your Mind" - The Killers
  • "This Will Be My Year" - Semisonic
  • "Sleep" - Taking Back Sunday
  • "Omerta / The Vampire Lanois" - The Afghan Whigs
  • "Fetish" - Tomoyasu Hotei
  • "'40'" - U2
  • "I'll Catch You" - The Get Up Kids
  • "A Man Needs To Be Told" - The Charlatans
  • "Romantic" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "This Modern Love" - Bloc Party
  • "Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional (ft. Michael Stipe)
  • "Hey Jude" - The Beatles
Nov 21, 2016

So Monday morning show, huh? I know, right? Get over yourself, and don't get used to the idea. I'm not often up early enough for this, but hell with it. Sometimes you do where the muse takes you.

This week, we've got indie pop, Japanese singing dentists, classic rock and our friend's band with her on vocals, as well as the song that has been stuck in my head for much of the last week. Next show's on Saturday, not Friday. Also, correction to the Leonard Cohen RIP show - the muse he wrote the song about was Marianne, not Suzanne. I was tired. Sue me. Or don't. Please don't. I need what little money I have. I have places to go, people to see...



  • "Silk" - Wolf Alice
  • "ロンリーボーイ" - Galileo Galilei
  • "Privilege (Set Me Free)" - Patti Smith Group
  • "Ghost" - Halsey
  • "Woman In Chains" - Tears For Fears
  • "I Had A Vision" - Steve Martin & Edie Brickell
  • "What You Do To Me" - Teenage Fanclub
  • "Sittin' On A Rubbish Can" - Banjo Racketeers
  • "Marching Bands Of Manhattan" - Death Cab For Cutie
  • "I'll Be Your Mirror (Live)" - The Velvet Underground
  • "Slow" - The Chain Gang of 1974
  • "A Song About Hope" - Ulrich Schnauss
  • "Setsuna" - GReeeeN
  • "Ender Will Save Us All" - Dashboard Confessional
Nov 18, 2016

It's a Unified Theme show! We haven't done one of these in while... the last one was, what, "#35 - the one about rain"? Far too long! This shall be fixed! So yeah, while the country's in the shitshow, I'm in a a great mood, so hopefully you aren't letting the world get you down too much. In fact, shows 83, 84 and 86 form a nice little triptych - panic, anger and recovery. Use as recommended by your physician, or the nice fellow in the white coat with the long sleeves, whoever happens to be closer.

Sometimes the path can be dark for a long while, but there will always be light again, and it will be that much more sweet when it appears, as you appreciate it all the moreso.



  • "Learning To Fly" - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  • "Take Flight" - Lindsey Stirling
  • "Jet" - Paul McCartney & Wings
  • "Planes Over The Skyline" - Swervedriver
  • "Learning To Fly" - Pink Floyd
  • "Airplane" - Indigo Girls
  • "Flight (from Ka')" - Cirque Du Soleil
  • "In Flight" - Danny Wright
  • "Flying" - Death In Vegas
  • "Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues" - Anamanaguchi
  • "Night Flight" - Led Zeppelin
  • "Takesoffs And Landings" - The Ataris
  • "Fly Away" - The Living End
  • "Big Jet Plane" - Primal Scream


Nov 14, 2016

There's no way to write anything short about Leonard Cohen, but I wanted to put together an overview of his life and music for all the people who've been telling me - "I don't know that much about Leonard Cohen. Where do I start?"

As with our RIP shows, there are a number of cover versions and I recommend you go out and get The Essential Leonard Cohen to start with, and grow from there, although you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't get "You Want It Darker," his final album released only weeks before his demise.

Here's Leonard Cohen...



  • "Suzanne" - Leonard Cohen
  • "So Long, Marianne" - Leonard Cohen
  • "The Sisters Of Mercy" - Sting & The Chieftains
  • "Bird On A Wire" - Leonard Cohen
  • "Famous Blue Raincoat" - Tori Amos
  • "Hallelujah" - Jeff Buckley
  • "Coming Back To You" - Trisha Yearwood
  • "Everybody Knows" - Concrete Blonde
  • "I'm Your Man" - Leonard Cohen
  • "Waiting For The Miracle" - Leonard Cohen
  • "Tower Of Song" - Leonard Cohen & U2
  • "The Future" - Leonard Cohen
  • "A Thousand Kisses Deep" - Leonard Cohen
  • "Going Home" - Leonard Cohen
  • "Slow" - Leonard Cohen
  • "You Want It Darker" - Leonard Cohen
Nov 11, 2016

So if don't like the shows where I talk a bunch, skip this one. If you don't like hearing someone talk politics, skip this one. If you don't like poetry, skip this one. If you don't like protest songs, skip this one.

If you're frightened, depressed, angry, confused or just generally uncomfortable with the US right now, listen to this show over and over and over again until you wear out the internet. I swear a lot. I read a bit of my poetry. I rant a ton.

I know I'm a straight white guy, and that means a lot of people look at me and see the enemy right now. I understand that, and you have every right to. There is a lot of hate and racism and misogyny out there today.

But I will fight for women, for people of color, for people in any shade of queerness, for immigrants, for people of any religion. We're free together, or we're all enslaved together. If that means the government wants to come and arrest my ass, so be it. But I will not be intimidated. I will not be scared. I will protect you to my last breath, and past it if I can.

Just keep this in mind - don't let them make you run, make you hide, make you be afraid. Be cautious, be wary, but do not be afraid.

We'll fight and we'll win. Be strong. I am with you.



  • "I'm Not Leaving" - The Crystal Method Ft. Martha Reeves & The Funk Brothers
  • "The Party's Over" - Prophets Of Rage
  • "War" - Edwin Starr
  • "Murder Incorporated" - Bruce Springsteen
  • "Fight! Smash! Win!" - Street Sweeper Social Club
  • "Back On My Feet" - Boom Boom Satellites
  • "For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield
  • "Spanish Radio" - Biffy Clyro
  • "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" - Marvin Gaye
  • "Time To Wonder" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "So Hard" - Pet Shop Boys
  • "Anthem" - Leonard Cohen
Nov 8, 2016

It's not the end of the world, but I can see it from here. Have yourself some good music to make you smirk and grin a bit during the weirdest day in political history in my lifetime, I'm sure of it.



  • "End Of The World" - Herman's Hermits
  • "End Of The World" - Yoshida Brothers
  • "End Of The World" - The Living End
  • "Apocalyptic Renegade" - Twin Atlantic
  • "Front Row Seats To The End Of The World" - Funeral For A Friend
  • "Great Dictator (Of the Free World)" - Kula Shaker
  • "Countdown To Armageddon" - Public Enemy
  • "NWO" - Akira The Don
  • "Wars Of Armageddon" - Funkadelic
  • "Until The End Of The World" - U2
  • "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" - R.E.M.
  • "I Will Survive" - Cake
Nov 5, 2016

Back to our usual randomness, although I have a few themed shows planned for coming weeks. We'll see how all that goes. Enjoy!


  • "Strange Eyes" - Murder By Death
  • "Love Has Come For You" - Steve Martin & Edie Brickell
  • "Kefka (Grand Finale Version)" - 植松伸夫
  • "Smut" - Tom Lehrer
  • "Press Pause" - Pretty Lights
  • "666" - Psyfactor
  • "Wandering Eye" - Savlonic
  • "Can't Believe A Single Word" - VHS Or Beta
  • "Havona" - Weather Report
  • "The Getaway" - The Odd Numbers
  • "Touch The Sky" - Terry Hoax
  • "Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)" - The The
  • "The Magic Bullet Theory" - Texas Is The Reason