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Starlight Society is about discovering new music from all throughout time and all across the world. We want to introduce you to sounds and bands you haven't been exposed to. The goal is break down borders and let the power of music unite us all.
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Touring the world one pair of headphones at a time...

Dec 23, 2016

Here's everybody I saw live this year, and what I thought about the shows. I talk a bit about each show and sort of frame where I was in the year with it, and why some shows are more important than others. It's a good year end revue of why live music is important to me, who I'll see more than once, and what it takes for me to walk out of a concert I've paid for.

All of this, of course, means this show is more grab bag than normal, and that's saying something. You'll get prog victory metal, neo country, stand up comedy, electro swing and a whole lot more in a little more than two hours. It's all presented in chronological order, starting from last December and up through today, although the last show I saw was a bit back. What can I say, December's been busy.

I do this every December as the scene show, a reminder of how live music plays such an important part in my life. Take a trip down my memory lane, won't you?



  • "Symphony of the Night" - Dragonforce
  • "Farewell" - Kamelot
  • "Euro-Trash Girl" - Cracker
  • "Northern California Girls" - Camper Van Beethoven
  • "I Need L.O.V.E." - Parov Stelar
  • "I Can Feel You" - Motion City Soundtrack
  • "I Don't Know You Anymore" - Bob Mould
  • "End" - The Cure
  • "Mighty (ft. JFTH)" - Caravan Palace
  • "Blood Pressure" - The Jaguar Club
  • "El Capitan" - Idlewild
  • "Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2" - They Might Be Giants
  • "West End Riot" - The Living End
  • "Helios Erebus" - God Is An Astronaut
  • "The Party's Over" - Prophets Of Rage
  • "Nobody's Hero" - The Heavy
  • "Pitter Patter (ft. G Jones & Bleep Bloop)" - DJ Shadow
  • "Black Widow Woman" - Gallows Bound
  • "I Am Still The King" - The Goddamn Gallows
  • "Brick O Dildos" - Christopher Titus
  • "Autotheology" - You Blew It!
  • "Homecoming" - Taking Back Sunday
  • "North Star Ordination" - The Appleseed Cast
  • "Sad Heart Of Mine" - Caspian
  • "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - Monty Python
  • "So Bright" - Pretty Lights


Dec 20, 2016

Happy holidays from all of us here at Starlight Society Productions (which is to say, me and my producer/cat Maverick) and I wanted to bring you a show full of a lot of holiday music, but not exclusively holiday music. And I wanted to avoid that sort of stuff you get on the oldies station, or things your parents play to make the family die on saccharine overdose.

So enjoy this one from me to you. Consider it your aural stocking stuffer.

(Which is a nice way of me saying to shove it into your earholes and savor it.)



  • "Fairytale of New York" - The Pogues
  • "Christmas Lights" - Coldplay
  • "Dance Of the Sugar Plum Fairy" - Akira The Don
  • "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - U2
  • "The Lights and Buzz" - Jack's Mannequin
  • "Christmas Song" - Mogwai
  • "Christmas Will Break Your Heart" - LCD Soundsystem
  • "Last Christmas" - Jimmy Eat World
  • "Boots" - The Killers
  • "Good Man" - Josh Ritter
  • "The New Year" - Death Cab for Cutie
  • "Let's Spend The Night Together" - The Rolling Stones
  • "Why Don't I" - Sonny Rollins
  • "La Cienega Just Smiled" - Ryan Adams
  • "California (There Is No End To Love)" - U2
Dec 17, 2016

Good music, perhaps a bit more melancholy of Cliff than we need, but the holiday season always tends to darken my clouds a little bit. But there's still plenty of great music for you to enjoy.



  • "Something Good" - Utah Saints
  • "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Chromeo Remix)" - Vampire Weekend
  • "Incite A Riot" - David Holmes
  • "The Mother We Share" - CHVRCHES
  • "Papillon" - The Twilight Singers
  • "The Asian Detective" - Badmarsh & Sri
  • "Jones' Disco" - Los Porcos
  • "Satisfaction" - The Rolling Stones
  • "Brand New Day" - Neil Patrick Harris
  • "Mittens" - Frank Turner
  • "Burst" - Shellyan Orphan
  • "I've Got The Strangest Thoughts" - Ghost Trucker
  • "Henry Don't Got Love" - Le Butcherettes
  • "The Night Before" - Hooverphonic
Dec 13, 2016 - That's me. I've got this little podcast I'm pretty proud of, where I spin records that I think people will love, and sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong. Give it a listen.

This particular show dabbles all across things to listen to. You'll find something you love here. At least I hope. That's all I'm trying to do with each and every show...



  • "Fall" - Something Corporate
  • "Best Imitation Of Myself" - Ben Folds Five
  • "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" - Billy Joel
  • "Right Hand Man" - Broadway Cast Of Hamilton
  • "Maddest Kind Of Love" - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  • "Wonder Word" - Supercar
  • "Particle Charge" - Bit Shifter
  • "Simple Forms" - The Appleseed Cast
  • "The Road" - Frank Turner
  • "FMera / Signal To Noise / FMera (reprise)" - Cats Laughing
  • "You Are One" - South
  • "Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over" - The Charlatans
  • "Orange Sky" - Alexi Murdoch
Dec 10, 2016

I can't remember how many people read these liners notes or not, so I'll keep it light for this one, and if you read it, you can scold me for making it so short. I'd love the attention. Heh.



  • "Do You Still Love Me?" - Ryan Adams
  • "A Movie Script Ending" - Death Cab For Cutie
  • "Carnival" - Natalie Merchant
  • "Fire On The Mountain" - Grateful Dead
  • "When It's Raining" - The Samples
  • "Romeo Had Juliette" - Lou Reed
  • "Phantasm (ft. Laura Darlington)" - Flying Lotus
  • "Time To Pretend" - MGMT
  • "Punching In A Dream" - The Naked And Famous
  • "Here And Now" - Letters To Cleo
  • "Jingo" - Santana
  • "Real Real" - Fiction Plane
  • "Twenty Four Hours" - Joy Division
  • "A Thousand Trees" - Stereophonics
Dec 7, 2016

The days are getting shorter, less sunlight to keep us up and running. But I'm still here. And I still love you.



  • "Right Here, Right Now" - Jesus Jones
  • "Twenty Years" - Placebo
  • "Even If It Kills Me" - Motion City Soundtrack
  • "Cells" - The Servant
  • "Wrong Impression" - Natalie Imbruglia
  • "High Lonesome" - The Gaslight Anthem
  • "Perfect Day" - supercell
  • "Night Drive" - Jimmy Eat World
  • "Little High Sky Show" - The Drovers
  • "The House Where We Grew Up" - Hammock
  • "Sunflower" - Paul Weller
  • "Call Me In The Afternoon" - Half Moon Run
  • "So Combustible" - Satchel Grande
Dec 3, 2016

Hey folks. Fun little show. Some stuff from Japan, lots of music from different genres and timeframes. A minute or two of me being amazed I've played so little Ben Folds. More from our new favorite person Halsey. A bit of me gushing about a concert from 2015. Lots of fun little things. Have yourselves a happy little weekend.



  • "Run To The Sun" - Dragon Ash
  • "Hold Me Down" - Halsey
  • "DND" - Semisonic
  • "Four Simple Words" - Frank Turner
  • "Not The Same" - Ben Folds
  • "You've Haunted Me All My Life" - Death Cab For Cutie
  • "Fadeaway" - The BoDeans
  • "Pretty Pimpin" - Kurt Vile
  • "Stella By Starlight" - Miles Davis
  • "愛の愛の星 <Star of Love of Love>" - The Brilliant Green
  • "The Old Apartment" - Barenaked Ladies
  • "Chance Of A Lifetime" - Creeper Lagoon