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Starlight Society is about discovering new music from all throughout time and all across the world. We want to introduce you to sounds and bands you haven't been exposed to. The goal is break down borders and let the power of music unite us all.
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Oct 31, 2016

Even with our emo show (#80, available now!) being massive, I still had a little bit of space left over for the month, so I decided to put out a Halloween mini show for you guys (although it's not really THAT mini) full of frightfully good tunes, all on theme! Enjoy!



  • "Dead Reckoning" - Clint Mansell
  • "Black Mass" - Akira The Don
  • "Dawn Of The Dead" - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  • "Halloween (Peel Sessions)" - Siouxsie & The Banshees
  • "This Is Halloween" - Marilyn Manson
  • "Dead Man's Party" - Oingo Boingo
  • "Dead Souls" - Nine Inch Nails
  • "Calling All Skeletons" - Alkaline Trio
  • "Psycho Killer" - Talking Heads
  • "City Of The Dead" - The Charlatans
  • "Haunted" - Gary Numan
  • "Devil" - The Servant
Oct 30, 2016

I know, I know, it feels like the emo scene show has taken forever, but whatever, it's done when it's done, and it's done now, so you can walk through that weird step-child from post-punk, post-hardcore and pop-punk and see what all the fuss is about.

This is one of those genres I love to bits, so it's a massive show, full of all sorts of great stuff. It runs long, is full of a bunch of bands you'll probably love and if not, well, okay, I guess they can't all be winners.

There's too much music for me to dwell on some of the stuff associated with emo - the fashion, the reports of self-harm (and whether that's a reflection of the music or the feelings expressed in it), the rise of "screamo" (and how that's mostly really just post-hardcore) and whether or not emo is a descendant of goth rock (you could make the case either way).



  • "Lucky Denver Mint" - Jimmy Eat World
  • "Saints and Sailors" - Dashboard Confessional
  • "Great Romances Of The 20th Century" - Taking Back Sunday
  • "Standing By The Sea" - Hüsker Dü
  • "For Want Of" - Rites Of Spring
  • "Simpleton" - Quicksand
  • "In Circles" - Sunny Day Real Estate
  • "El Scorcho" - Weezer
  • "Save Your Generator" - Jawbreaker
  • "I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel..." - The Get Up Kids
  • "Gloria" - Mineral
  • "Emergency! Emergency!" - The Promise Ring
  • "First Day Back" - Braid
  • "Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday" - Hey Mercedes
  • "Shallow Means, Deep Ends" - Cursive
  • "Drive Onto Me" - Elliott
  • "But The Regrets Are Killing Me" - American Football
  • "Marching Bands Of Manhattan" - Death Cab For Cutie
  • "Existentialism On Prom Night" - Straylight Run
  • "Number Five With A Bullet" - Taking Back Sunday
  • "Certain Tragedy" - Saves The Day
  • "The Moon Is Down" - Further Seems Forever
  • "Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional
  • "The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World
  • "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" - My Chemical Romance
  • "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" - Fall Out Boy
  • "Liar (It Takes One To Know One)" - Taking Back Sunday
  • "Between Rupture And Rapture" - Thursday
  • "(Fork and Knife)" - Brand New
  • "Get It Together" - Midtown
  • "Is This Thing Loaded?" - Northstar
  • "Embers And Envelopes" - Mae
  • "Float On" - Modest Mouse
  • "Miss Murder" - AFI
  • "Black Mamba" - The Academy Is...
  • "Help Me" - Alkaline Trio
  • "That's What You Get" - Paramore
  • "Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (Take It Back To Square One)" - Hellogoodbye
  • "Woe" - Say Anything
  • "21" - The Starting Line
  • "The Kids From Yesterday" - My Chemical Romance
  • "Lipton Witch" - Sunny Day Real Estate
  • "Cathedral Rings" - The Appleseed Cast
  • "Closing Argument" - Into It. Over It.
  • "My Instincts Are The Enemy" - American Football
  • "Fences" - Taking Back Sunday
Oct 25, 2016

Sometimes I'm amazed I haven't played someone, because apparently all the music I've mixed together over the years all blends together into one giant blur of trying to introduce people to awesome new music, so I start this show off with a story about how I'm clearly losing my memory.

And I found a third opening act this year I liked enough to buy something from! Cats and dogs, living together... MASS HYSTERIA! (For reference, the first one was The Jaguar Club (Show #45) and the second was Gallows Bound (Show #76).)



  • "She Brings The Sunlight" - Richard Hawley
  • "Strings of My Soul" - B'z
  • "See No Evil" - Television
  • "Teenage Lightning" - Luna
  • "Nobody's Hero" - Rush
  • "Lanai" - You Blew It!
  • "Flicker, Fade" - Taking Back Sunday
  • "Rainbow Man" - Busy P
  • "Gum" - Cornelius
  • "Warm In The Winter" Glass Candy
  • "Afternoon With The Axolotls" - Hum
Oct 21, 2016

So I watched the last presidential debate on Wednesday (I hope I mean of just this election, but god knows, it might be the last one we ever hold...) and I threw out the entire playlist I'd been building for this show and started from scratch, but I think it's a fun show nonetheless. This particular episode will be a lot more fun if you don't look at the set list ahead of time, but it's still here for you. And yet, from all this depression and frustration, I've learned something. We're as mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore.


Editor's Note: I apparently refer to this show as Show 77 multiple times in the episode, when it's clearly 78. I clearly need oversight, or am a bad hombre.



  • "Swamp" - Tweaker
  • "Ratchet" - Bloc Party
  • "Hombre Sin Nombre" - Billy Gibbons
  • "Something Nasty" - Tim Reynolds
  • "Nasty Blues" - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
  • "Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings" - ZZ Top
  • "Nasty" - The Prodigy
  • "Nasty" - Janet Jackson
  • "Ms. Jackson" - Outkast
  • "Rigged On A Fix" - Rancid
  • "Sex With Your Parents (Motherfucker), Pt. II" - Lou Reed
  • "I'm Your Puppet" - Yo La Tengo
  • "I Need a Drink (Or Two or Three)" - American Football
  • "Disillusion Avenue" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "I'll Bet On You" - Toad The Wet Sprocket
Oct 18, 2016

Today's show's all over the place, as per the usual, but you'll get all sorts of fun stuff to listen to, and hear me talk a bit about jam bands, Russian hip-hop, jazz and how awesome Adam Nutter is as a guitarist (as well as asking where the hell he is...)





  • "Getaway" - The Music
  • "This Time It's Real" - Tower of Power
  • "Life Is Beautiful - Deckstream" - m-flo
  • "River Styx" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • "March Of Death" - Zach De La Rocha & DJ Shadow
  • "Гудини" - Centr & Kaspiyskiy Gruz
  • "Sword of Damocles" - Lou Reed
  • "Wonderful! Wonderful!" - Sonny Rollins
  • "(As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell" - Oasis
  • "No Men in No Man's Land" - Phish
  • "Into Dust" - Mazzy Star
  • "Badlands" - Bruce Springsteen
Oct 15, 2016

So I saw The Goddamn Gallows last night, and they put on a great show, but one of the openers was a band called Gallows Bound, who I ended up really liking, and bought one of their CDs. We'll play a bit of them for you, as well as our usual whirling dervish of music from locales close and abroad, stuff from recent times and stuff dating back. Enjoy the ride!



  • "Atavistic Viking" - Stuart Davis
  • "This Time (John Peel Sessions)" - Th' Faith Healers
  • "Happy Hardcore" - Ewan Dobson
  • "Del Fuego" - Gallows Bound
  • "The Maker" - The Goddamn Gallows
  • "Everybody Loves Me" - Juliana Hatfield
  • "Writing On The Wall" - Adrian Belew
  • "Bulletproof" - Indus Creed
  • "A Simple Process Of Elimination" - Aereogramme
  • "Yappie Feet" - Deavid Soul
  • "Ana Ng" - They Might Be Giants
  • "Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight" - The Wonder Stuff
Oct 11, 2016

Stuff from a variety of sources and styles, plus we say goodbye to an old friend whose music we will miss terribly...



  • "Peaceful Liquid Shell" - The Unwinding Hours
  • "Pretty Pink Rose (ft. David Bowie)" - Adrian Belew
  • "The Ghost Of Tom Joad (ft. Tom Morello)" - Bruce Springsteen
  • "Tremelo Song" - The Charlatans
  • "Heavy World" - Shri
  • "Don't Give In" - Third Eye Blind
  • "I Wish I Was" - The Twilight Singers
  • "Past The Mission (ft. Trent Reznor)" - Tori Amos
  • "Boulevard of Broken Songs" - Dean Gray
  • "Crush Story" - Too Much Joy
  • "Where Does All That Anger Come From?" - Terry Hoax
  • "4 A Moment Of Silence" - Boom Boom Satellites
Oct 7, 2016

Belgian Trip-hop, Indian down tempo, German psychobilly, good ol' American punk and loads more. It's the Starlight Society! The podcast that continues to defy all known expectations, then seeks out new expectations to defy them as well...



  • "Dictionary" - Hooverphonic
  • "I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous" - Frank Turner
  • "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes" - Frank Zappa
  • "The Morning Papers" - Prince
  • "Cecilia and the Satellite (Canyons Version)" - Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness
  • "Sad Roses / Shoshanim Atzuvot" - The Idan Raichel Project
  • "Beyond The Sea" - Moby & Oscar The Punk
  • "Streets of Calcutta" - Ananda Shankar
  • "Over The Wire" - New Model Army
  • "Won't See The Sunrise Anymore" - Mad Sin
  • "Real Cool Time" - The Stooges
  • "Revelator" - Screaming Trees
  • "They're Here" - EMF
  • "Ohne Worte" - Wingenfelder
  • "When Will You Come Home (John Peel Session)" - Galaxie 500
Oct 5, 2016

Let's have some fun, shall we?



  • "How's This Even Going Down?" - Jesus Jones
  • "Brides Of Neptune" - Cracker
  • "Hole In The Bucket" - Spearhead
  • "So We Know" - DMA's
  • "We Are The Normal" - Goo Goo Dolls
  • "Sweet And Lovely (Take 1)" - Thelonious Monk
  • "Coruscation" - DJ Krush
  • "Remember A Day" - Pink Floyd
  • "Be There (Radio Edit)(ft. Ian Brown)" - UNKLE
  • "Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (Trentemøller Remix)" - Trentemøller
  • "Стриптиз" - Nautilus Pompilius
  • "I.D." - New Diplomat
  • "Shatterday" - Vendetta Red