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Starlight Society is about discovering new music from all throughout time and all across the world. We want to introduce you to sounds and bands you haven't been exposed to. The goal is break down borders and let the power of music unite us all.
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Touring the world one pair of headphones at a time...

May 27, 2016

It's the end of the month, and in constantly proving that Cliff is bad with space estimates, I had a ton of time left over, so I provide to an XL sized show stuffed full of awesomeness and excitement, with loads of our favorites all crammed into an epic 3-hour episode.

This is also a week I recommend NOT looking at the set list until after the show is done, simply because it's full of a bunch of fun surprises.

You will get stuff from Argentina, Japan, Germany, Russia, Israel, Portugal, a big block of Scottish rock, and even more things that I'm too excited to type in right now. Rock, jazz, hip-hop, stuff from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and teens... Oh, and the new Stone Roses single!

Just listen to it. It's awesome.

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  • "All For One" - The Stone Roses
  • "Here We Go" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
  • "Run to the Sun" - Dragon Ash
  • "Friends" - Joe Satriani
  • "Fearless Boogie" - Hank Williams III
  • "Century Lovers" - Porno Graffiti
  • "Don't Change" - INXS
  • "America" - Neil Diamond
  • "Take It From Me" - KONGOS
  • "Stargazer" - Mother Love Bone
  • "Voices In The Jungle" - Rock Sugar
  • "The Payback" - James Brown
  • "Red Shift" - Enter Shikari
  • "Still Life" - Men At Work
  • "Perfekt" - Wingenfelder:Wingenfelder
  • "Cuts You Up" - Peter Murphy
  • "What's Good" - Lou Reed
  • "Dream On" - Aerosmith
  • "Love Song" - The Cure
  • "Deviant Personality" - Blasted Mechanism
  • "Start!" - The Jam
  • "Zman Lehitorer" - Hadag Nahash
  • "Tunnel Vision" - Justin Timberlake
  • "DD弾[改]" - SOUL'd OUT
  • "Lights" - Journey
  • "Симфония" - Splean
  • "Letter Read" - Rachel Yamagata
  • "American English" - Idlewild
  • "Act On Impulse" - We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • "Almost Gold" - The Jesus & Mary Chain
  • "Black Chandelier" - Biffy Clyro
  • "Stringer" - The Jaguar Club
  • "Omaha Celebration" - Pat Metheny
  • "Every Car You Chase (The Snow Police)" - Party Ben
  • "Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
  • "26 Is Dancier Than 4" - This Town Needs Guns
  • "Juego de Seducción" - Soda Stereo
  • "Improvise" - Jurassic 5
  • "This Is How It Feels" - Richard Ashcroft
  • "Hey Beautiful (Theme from "How I Met Your Mother")" - The Solids
  • "Heaven" - The Walkmen
  • "High" - The Cure
May 20, 2016

This week, we deep dive into the world of post-rock, full of gorgeous instrumentals and soundscapes that build worlds out of songs without words. This is one of my favorite subgenres of music - I have an entire playlist full of this stuff for when I'm writing that I just set on shuffle, and it drifts me through all sorts of moods and mindscapes. A guy I bumped into at the Motion City Soundtrack show said I should do a scene show on post-rock, so here we are.

If you aren't familiar with post-rock, it's rock without lyrics. I think you'll dig it. I know that I have for almost 20 years now. There isn't a ton about the history or development of the genre, simply because it isn't a centralized movement with a discernible story arc, but there is such a plethora of amazing bands doing this stuff, I didn't repeat anyone in the show, just to give you as many different sounds as possible, and I still had post rock bands I left out.

You can keep digging if you want more, I'm sure, but now you know where to start...

The usual set of links for the show:

And here's what I played...



  • "Always Crashing In The Same Car" - David Bowie
  • "Carol" - Slint
  • "Chief Sitting Duck" - Don Caballero
  • "1000 Miles" - Dirty Three
  • "A Simple Way To Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work" - Tortoise
  • "Shifty Drifty" - Tristeza
  • "Amber, Ember, Glow" - Saxon Shore
  • "Soul City" - Bowery Electric
  • "Loft" - Caspian
  • "Bellevue Bridge" - Cul De Sac
  • "California Is Too Long" - Signal Hill
  • "Untitled 1" - Sigur Rós
  • "The Sun Smells Too Loud" - Mogwai
  • "So Long, Lonesome" - Explosions In The Sky
  • "Threads" - This Will Destroy You
  • "Knock At My Door" - The Six Parts Seven
  • "6pm" - This Is Your Captain Speaking
  • "The Air Between Us" - Hammock
  • "In Mind" - Do Make Say Think
  • "Arrived/Departed" - The Mercury Program
  • "Radio Protector" - 65daysofstatic
  • "The Colorfreak" - Kiln
  • "Call" - The American Dollar
  • "Forever Lost" - God Is An Astronaut
  • "A Little Bit Of Solidarity Goes A Long Way" - And So I Watch You From Afar
  • "Circa" - Beware Of Safety
  • "Leyendecker" - Battles
  • "Weightless Frame" - Gifts From Enola
  • "Malko" - Russian Circles
  • "Pyramid Of The Sun" - Maserati
  • "In Every Mind" - Red Sparowes
  • "The Writer's Audience Is Always Fiction" - You May Die in the Desert
  • "After Image" - Toe
  • "A Heart Has Asked For The Pleasure" - Mono
  • "No Name" - The Samuel Jackson Five
  • "Seraphim & Cherubim" - Maybeshewill
May 13, 2016

This week, we finally do our tribute to Prince. Born Prince Rogers Nelson, The Artist Mostly Known As Prince was one of the most prolific songwriters of our time. Blending funk, rock and R&B, Prince was a force to be reckoned with. One of the Top 50 Guitarists by Rolling Stone magazine, Prince lived a life that was envied by many. He got a recording contract at age 17. He replaced his name with a symbol, then changed it back again.

He was the purple one.

From his home in Paisley Park (just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota), Prince built an empire, releasing 39 albums, recording dozens (maybe hundreds) more. A tiny guy with a big amount of style. This week, we give you an overview of the life and music of Prince.

As always, the website for the show is and you can find us on Twitter @Devinoch and if you want to donate to the show, you can do so over at - All of these are things that are worth doing.

You should also be spreading the good word about the show, trying to get us new listeners. I'm not above pandering....



  • "I Wanna Be Your Lover" - Prince
  • "Darling Nikki" - Foo Fighters
  • "1999" - Prince
  • "Purple Rain" - Prince & The Revolution
  • "When Doves Cry" - Prince & The Revolution
  • "Raspberry Beret" - Prince & The Revolution
  • "Kiss" - Prince
  • "Sign O The Times" - Prince
  • "Alphabet St" - Prince
  • "When 2 R In Love" - Prince
  • "Nothing Compares 2 U" - Sinead O'Connor
  • "Manic Monday" - The Bangles
  • "Jungle Love" - Morris Day & The Time
  • "Batdance" - Prince
  • "Diamonds And Pearls" - Prince
  • "Sexy M.F." - Prince
  • "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" - Prince
  • "Get Yo Groove On" - Prince
  • "The Sensual Everafter" - Prince
  • "Lolita" - Prince
  • "Guitar" - Prince
  • "Dreamer" - Prince
  • "Breakfast Can Wait" - Prince
  • "Look At Me" - Prince
May 6, 2016

Show #42 was always planned to be a special show. We will have a tribute to Prince next week, but this week, we're celebrating the life and works of Douglas Adams, and all the musicians that he touched. I tell stories about how he nearly got Monty Python killed, and how he named Pink Floyd's album "The Division Bell." But mostly I talk about Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and how important it's been to me over the years, in all its various incarnations - radio, book, movie and game.

As always, you can find the shows at and I'm on Twitter @Devinoch and if you want to contribute to the show, you can do so at - all of these are things you can do.

Finally and most importantly, please continue telling folks about the show. I do so love seeing fresh faces (and locations) in the crowd, and there are a whole lot of states (and countries) we haven't hit yet, so keep on spreading the good word. Or bad word. Or whatever words you happen to have about the show.



  • "Journey Of The Sorcerer" - Eagles
  • "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" - HGTTG - Season 1
  • "Telegraph Road" - Dire Straits
  • "So Long & Thanks For All The Fish" - Hilary Summers, Kemi Ominiyi & The R'svp Voices
  • "Grand Hotel" - Procol Harum
  • "Life, The Universe and Everything" - HGTTG - Season 1
  • "Wish You Were Here" - Pink Floyd
  • "Philosophers" - HGTTG - Season 1
  • "Brain Damage" - Pink Floyd
  • "Seven-and-a-half Million Year Itch" - HGTTG - Season 1
  • "In Held 'Twas In I" - Procol Harum
  • "The Bistromathic Drive" - HGTTG - Season 3
  • "Vote Beeblebrox" - Andy Dunlop, Chuck Norman, Douglas Payne, Fran Balke, Hannah Thomas, Miggy Barradas & Neil Hannon
  • "Romeo & Juliet" - Dire Straits
  • "Fit The Twenty First - Fenchurch's Story" - HGTTG - Season 4
  • "Tunnel of Love" - Dire Straits
  • "So Long & Thanks For All The Fish (Reprise)" - Neil Hannon
  • "High Hopes" - Pink Floyd
  • "What A Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong
  • "Reasons To Be Miserable (His Name Is Marvin)" - Stephen Fry



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